Yun Qian’s 15th.

8 07 2010

its 7 July,

a great Happy Birthday to Yun Qian!
we hope that a bright future is ahead of you and may your dreams come true. enjoy 🙂


updates for 20 april

20 04 2010

maths homework on exercise 4.3 qns 1b,1d, and i forgot the other question.
there is maths paper one and two and needed to be completed and handed in by friday.

chee yong’s

7 03 2010

Dear 3e6,

tomorrow is LY-Chee Yong’s birthday.
YAYYY, Chee Yong finally fifteen. Happy birthday to you!

Lots of love,

7 03 2010

Dear 3e6,

  • A Maths Pg 365, Qns 6 & 7
  • E Maths Pg 62, Qns 1a, 1e, 2c, 2d.
  • Chemistry WB Pg 28 and 35. (Mrs Hong’s class)
  • On 8th March (Monday), Social Studies test (For Ms Atik’s class)
    Im not sure about the other classes.
  • On 9th March (Tuesday), Geography test (For Ms Atik’s class also)
    Not sure for the other geography classes.
  • For Ms Atik’s Combined Humans class, submit files and geography WB
    pages 6, 7, 12 and 13 on the 9th March.

Lots of love, Nadia.

4 03 2010

Dear 3e6,

  • POA worksheets
  • Maths Ex 3.1 Question 3
  • English CA Composition on Monday 8th March

a thousand apologies.

28 02 2010

Dear 3e6,

im very sorry if i had not been updating the class blog for reminders or anything.
I was too caught up with my school work and personal problems until I forgot.

  • Malay workbook: Pg 36, 37, 41, 42 and 43.
  • Those who haven’t handed in book review, please do.
  • EL summary. (Planets, astrology.)
  • POA on ledger pad. Question 6.
  • Purchase or bring 2 different colour papers and dividers
    for Maths file.
  • There is a EL Comprehension CA on 1st March.
  • For March, these are the babies.
    -Sarmira Filzah, 4th.
    -Chee Yong, 8th.
    -Thina, 14th.
    -Nurhafiz, 28th.
    -One more person but im sorry, i forgot. ^^

OKAY, so if there is more reminders, please let me know through MSN or facebook.
Or anyway that reaches me. Thanks.
Yours truly,

Class Decoration Preparation

4 02 2010

Dear 3e6,

before i update you guys on our class decoration,
i will remind a few things to the respective people.

1) For Malay pupils,
please send the e-mail to Ms Murshida before next Tuesday.

2) For POA pupils,
there’s a POA quiz tmrw and please hand in your homework on the Ledger Pad.

3) For Elective Geography pupils,
please finish up GY WB pg 5+6, 7+8 and 12-13 by next Wednesday
and SS WB pg 1 – 12 and 10+11 by next Monday.

4) For English,
to the debators please get ready your speeches.

5) For Core Geography pupils,
bring all unmarked worksheets and do WB pg 13, 14 and 18.


Okay so, we have been decorating the class for a few weeks now.
It’s so much fun, seriously. We had some minor problems thou,
but we overcame them. HEHEHEHE. No much talk. Here are the photos!

Behind the scenes… Hahahah!
Okay enjoy the pictures. See you again.
Yours truly,